The Perfect Specimen

People are not objects, yet the search for beauty can make them be perceived in that way. Models are often seen as beautiful, yet their admirers may know nothing about them. They see a photograph of them in a particular pose, location, or an outfit, and then add in their own details. This is what can make any model the perfect specimen. There is nothing about them that needs to be said once the picture has been seen.

Few people realize the work that goes into creating the perfect shot of a model. They may spend a great deal of time before posing to get their hair and makeup done. Their outfits are often tailored to their bodies, and the background may have been chosen specifically to make them look perfect. All of this adds up to an unreal expectation of what the model looks like in other settings.

Companies spend a great deal of money on advertising, and models are often used to promote products. The idea behind this type of advertising is that potential customers will associate the model with the product. The person wishing to look that beautiful will often purchase the product as a way to make a connection to the beauty they see. It is a formula that has worked well for many decades.

Models often have very different lives from what people imagine. They may not look quite as glamorous as they do in a glossy magazine spread or an advertisement. Their personal lives may not revolve around how they look, and their own idea of beauty may be quite different that their professional appearance. They can see through the makeup, hair styling, clothing choices, and the background to know they are real people instead of beautiful objects.