Static and Dynamic Beauty

When it comes to people, the quest for beauty and ways to maintain youthful looks can take a lifetime. Pictures, paintings, and even statues can all be found that reflect the beauty of the human form in many different eras. These are static examples of beauty because they do not move. For those seeking a living person, dynamic beauty may be exactly what they seek. The differences between static and dynamic beauty may be more important to the seeker than what is being sought.

Static beauty is often admired by man, and it is generally produced by a professional artist. Many of the attributes of humanity have remained the same over the years. This is due to the way the brain is wired to accept the definition of a beautiful person. Symmetry of face and body are important to this type of beauty, and that is often what is showcased in static representations.

Dynamic beauty is quite different because it is about the beauty that becomes apparent when a person moves. Someone rather plain looking may suddenly shine out when their face lights up with a smile. A person could go completely unnoticed until they are in an animated conversation or debate with another person. This is how their personal beauty shines through.

The definitions of human beauty can be endless because each person has their own description. It is based on their personality, their expectations, and their observations. Rather than defining beauty in this method, it may be easier to accept that each person has their own definition to be respected by all.